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One To One Martial Arts Training In London

JMBoxing4Fitness can offer you the martial arts training that you need

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About JMBoxing4Fitness

JMBoxing4Fitness specialises in delivering tailored one to one fitness coaching using various boxing techniques.  With over 14 years of experience, your coach is both Certified in Elite boxing for Fitness coach with Hatton Boxing Academy and Muay Thai Qualified (MTQ2) Kru Instructor under Grand Master Sken Association (MSA).


Sessions are delivered within Central London at clients' preferred location (home, office or outdoor).  Our philosophy is that everyone is different. Therefore, after an initial assessment, together, we set up your own goals and priorities and build up an appropriate training programme. This might include a mix of Boxing, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai techniques.


Be assured that your coach has a solution for many types of people: from beginners to advanced boxers, adults as well as children from 7 onwards, men and women, fit and unfit and cater for stressed individuals and people that lack confidence.

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JMBoxing4Fitness's Services

One To One Training

At JMBoxing4Fitness we do not teach to a class.  Some people avoid taking classes because they feel uncomfortable being around other people that are more advanced than themselves.  By offering one to one coaching sessions we take away any anxious feelings that may be associated with being around a group of new people.  By having one to one support it allows you to have the full attention of the trainer and get all of the support that you need from them.

JMBoxing4Fitness One To One Training

The Benefits Of Martial Arts Training

Martial arts is about more than just learning how to defend yourself.  There are a wide selection of benefits that you will gain such as better flexibility, improved stamina and better overall posture.  From a fitness perspective it will help you to develop muscular strength and improve you cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory fitness.

Boxing Training at Home

Your Trainers Experience And Skills

  • Certified Elite Boxing for Fitness Coach with Hatton Boxing Academy

  • Muay Thai Qualified (MTQ2) Kru-Instructor diploma delivered by Grand Master Sken (MSA)

  • Enhanced DBS Certificate for working with children

  • Instructor has public liability insurance

  • CPD: "Hacking Exercise for Health.  The Surprising New Science of fitness" provided by MacMaster University

  • 12 years of Boxing and Muay Thai practice

  • 10 years of Judo training, brown belt

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Is One To One Martial Arts Training What You Are Looking For?

Answer the following questions to see if one to one training is for you


  • Do you avoid going to the gym but enjoy exercising?

  • Do you get bored with repetitive exercises?

  • Do you dislike joining exercise classes?

  • Do you feel that it is too late in your life to start boxing but would like try it?

  • Do you dislike being in groups of people or avoid social interactions?

The Answer

If you answered yes to any of those questions JMBoxing4Fitness is perfect for you.  With easy access, it doesn't take long to master the basics and start enjoying it.  Learning martial arts can hold your attention better than repetitive gym routines, so if you would like to try our one to one training please call KMBoxing4Fitness today.

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Our son has been having regular one on one kickboxing sessions with fabulous Jean Marc for over a year now. Not only has Lucas developed and learned new skills in these sessions, he has also gained confidence within himself through Jean Marc's care, understanding and patience. Lucas is always looking forward to the next session and comes back very calm and positive and eager for the next one. Lucas's passion for fitness and kickboxing is infectious and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jean Marc and his sessions!
Emily and Adrian


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