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One To One Boxing Training In London

JMBoxing4Fitness can teach you boxing techniques alongside kickboxing and Muay Thai Martial arts

How JMBoxing4Fitness Will Assess Your One To One Training

The Initial Assessment And Setting Goals

  • We will discuss any medical conditions that will need to be considered during your training

  • We will test and assess your current fitness level

  • We will review any existing boxing or martial arts experience that you already have

  • We will then set goals for your cardio, strength, technique and look at how we can build you self confidence.

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Building your training programme

  • We will find your appropriate boxing style and focus on flexibility, focus on specific muscles, your complexity levels and your personal preferences

  • We will work through steps and levels to learn basic stances, basic strikes, simple combinations, defences and footwork, complex combinations and apply sparring into your self defence work

  • We will consider your age, fitness level, any medical conditions while aiming to achieve your personal goals.

  • We will work on your self-confidence, motivation, self-control, and aim to reduce stress

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Assessment Conclusion

We will decide the following:

  • The best boxing or kickboxing style for you

  • Your training and intensity level

  • What coaching suits your personality

  • Your programme will be personalised for you

  • All goals are measurable and achievable

JMBoxing4Fitness Conclusion
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I have been training with Jean Marc for over a year as a novice and have made great strides in my boxing skills (offence and defence). He makes classes fun but works very hard to build not just technical but the mental aspects and in that sense provides life skills. Always energised after the workouts. Highly recommended


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